battery products


Bestgo Power Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Li-NCM batteries, which are featured as both high power and energy densities with a long lifespan and ultra-safe performance. We take advanced battery technologies like high quality battery materials, Eco-friendly manufacturing method, high precision quality control and abundant safety design etc. For example, the LiFePO4 materials for pouch cells come from quality suppliers which have authorization of Phostech in Canada, battery separators for high power cells come from USA and cell foils come from Japan.

Cells Level

Bestgo Power LiFePO4 cells

Bestgo Power offers high quality li-ion batteries for the assembly of battery packs. The pouch cells have very nice energy density and highest safety level, the small cylindrical cells have good adaption for the small space required applications. Our batteries are divided to the long life type, high power type and cost optimized type. The most typically cells can offer 3C/5C at cell level or 2C/4C at pack level, the power type cells can offer 10C, 20C or even 50C. All cells made by Bestgo Power will be selected by the PDMS system for the consistency consideration, after hundreds of cycles, cells in battery module will still charge and discharge consistently and the cell inner resistances almost keep the same, this is why our battery packs are superior to other competitors.

Battery Pack ( Customized Case | Fully Packaged System )

Bestgo Power offers well packaged battery pack deliver to customer as the "ready-to-use" power system. Inside battery pack the single cells are well assembled together (as what we called "cell pack") and equipped with good quality BMS (battery management system). The whole pack is well protected by the metal case and here are sharking-absorb materials all surrounded inside the case, or take some specified design as customer required. Our battery packs are featured as big power output, light weight and small size, or super longer cycle life and ultra-safe reliable. Packs are mainly used on electric vehicles, scooters, power machines and telecom etc.