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Bestgo Power 10Ah Pouch Cell
LiFePO4 3.2V 10Ah pouch cells

Bestgo Power offers high quality Li-ion polymer cells for the assembly of battery packs. The pouch cells build very thin shape for heat passing and internal resistance reduction. Single cells can be made in big capacity so that the assembly of whole pack became easy as numbers of cells reduced quite a lot.

The package foil of cells is a type of aluminum and elastic fibers mixed materials which come from Japan based company (Showa). The aluminum improved the heat passing efficiency, the strong elastic fibers help foil has strong strength and good extension. If batteries meet severe damage, it may generates a lot of heat and some gas, the package foil can be blown up like a balloon but still hold them, not allow any leakage of gas or liquid, that is very nice safety design.

To enhance the high temperature reliability, we applied a unique step to send all unfinished cells into 75 degree Celsius oven for 2 hours, to force gas out and also be treat as a test for high temperature resistance. Our battery materials are nice so that they can withstand this high temperature, then we promise pouch cell made by us is no problem in high temperature condition as we specified. The electrolyte of our pouch cell is semi-solid state among plates, better than liquid type which may have leak out of cell.

While all manufacturing processes are exactly supervised by the advanced PDMS (Product Data Monitoring System), for every step in manufacturing, parameters of cells would be automatically logged and judged, if any fault cells would be mark and pick out. This system also logged the electrical properties of every cell in quality testing procedures. For battery package step, system would calculate those parameters and offer the best candidates cells for pack assembly, by this way our battery packs got a superior consistency than other competitors.

Some of those cells reached 4000+ cycles in our lab test, as 1C charge / discharge cycles in room temperature for about 2 years..

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Bestgo Li-ion polymer battery list

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