battery products

Battery Management System (BMS)

Our advanced BMS (Battery Management System) has touch screen for data output and parameter set. It also contains voltage detecting wires, current sensor and temperature sensor for info collection, BMS itself has built-in SOC calculation module which support real time SOC shown. If needed, BMS can log the data into USB flash module (offered by us) and / or connected to the computer for analysis and adjustment with software we offered.

The Special Edition for electric motorcycle and light EV are available. The Ti24S (for electric motorcycle) supports battery pack which series is below than 24S (for battery pack ≤ 72V), The Ti48S (for light EV) supports battery pack which series is below than 48S. The cost of those two versions of BMS is low, because only it requires only ONE control module but not Master box with some slave boxes. They are very suitable for customers who use battery packs no more than 144V.

For low voltage application we also developed PCB (Protection Circuit Board) to protect battery packs. Our PCB use active balancing way, with built in over temperature, over charge, over discharge, over-current protection. They also support big current passing (like 300A) but no screen output. Signal output can be customized according to customer’s requirements, many of them are used for e-bike, e-scooters.